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To-do lists and Task Management for Teams.


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Why Get Todo for Teams

Todo for Teams brings the ease and power of Todo to your business. It gives your team powerful task management, team collaboration, business-level security and team administration. Todo uses proven productivity methodologies like “Getting Things Done” to focus your team on what’s most important and impactful.

Powerful Task Management

Bring the power of Todo to team projects. Todo’s intuitive and powerful approach to task management keeps your team organized and in sync. Team members can use tags, filters and time-specific views (e.g. today, next seven days, etc.) to see only the tasks they need to and those that are most important to them.
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Effective team work at a desk

Team Administration

Get as many Todo licenses as you need and manage them in one place. You’ll get one simple interface that makes it easy to manage licenses, billing, team members, and to-do/task lists. For small teams a single administrator can take care of everything, and for larger teams you can create a set of administrative roles.


Todo is a simple but powerful task management and collaboration solution. With a Todo for Teams subscription your team can use Todo on iOS, Mac, Android, and the Web and it doesn’t require getting your IT team involved to get going. It is powerful, affordable and you can start using it in minutes.

Todo Cloud by Appigo Is The Original To-do Task Management App team work Simple and affordable
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Organize, plan and execute on all things team. Lay out all your work that needs to get done, make assignments, track progress and collaborate with each other, all within Todo. Todo will let you document requirements and even stores comments and updates for all team members to see. With Todo Business it’s simple to control multiple projects with different contributors.



There’s no “I” in team, but there are two in productivity. When individual team members are using Todo, you’ll see an increase in work output and decrease in wasted time. Give Todo to each team member to manage their individual tasks anywhere and across all their devices. Not only will each team member thank you, but so will your bottom line.

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Todo Cloud by Appigo Is The Original To-do Task Management App team work collaborate and share


Todo Cloud allows you to see what is going on across your team. Assign tasks to individuals. Use tags to track any way you want. Then create Smart lists to organize work by tag, by people, by start date, due date, or any one of a number of other ways. Now you can run your meetings by reviewing work that is completed, overdue or yet to be done.

It has powerful notifications so you know when work is being done. And the real-time sync allows you to view shared lists and tasks to see at any time the status of work projects.

Features loved by Teams and Families

Team Dashboard

View invoices, manage team members, and sharing permissions.

File Uploads

Share files and photos from your mobile device and from your computer.


Discuss details, share information and exchange feedback with your team.

Email Notifications ​

Get notified whenever changes happen in your shared lists.

Todo Cloud Aways on Sync

Data Sync 24/7/365

Enjoy seamless sync across all your devices with 99% system uptime.

Email To Todo Cloud​

Never miss a follow-up by turning emails into tasks.

Todo Cloud Repeat Tasks

Recurring Due & Start dates

Set flexible repeat cycles for your tasks so you can plan ahead.


Get reminded of upcoming tasks via app push notification.


Organize tasks into contexts with Tags like “#email” or “#focus”.


Smart Lists

Powerful task filtering so you can view what you need when you need to.

Priority Levels

Focus on the most important tasks first using color-coded priority levels.

Location Alerts

Receive task alerts when arriving or leaving a location.

Powerful task management for improved team productivity.